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How to Change Your Name After Marriage in Florida

Once you’re married, you’ll need to change your name on all legal documents. You can change your name on your accounts by sending a copy of your marriage certificate. The requirements for changing your name do not vary by state, so changing your name in Florida is no different from doing so anywhere else in the country.

1: Get Started with Online Application Services

Online application assistance can simplify and streamline the process for many Florida marriage-related services, including: information on obtaining a new marriage license, reasons for requesting a marriage record, as well as changing your name after marriage. In addition to the free forms and general instructions available from your Clerk of Court, you will receive a comprehensive checklist and forms packet specific to your needs, fast answers to tough questions and prompt service from a friendly staff.

2: Via the Clerk of Court

If you prefer to access additional marriage licenses and marriage records, visit a state-specific online resource for extra support regarding all your marriage licensing needs.

Changing Your Name on Legal Documents

  • Starting with your Social Security card and drivers license, determine what other documents need to reflect your name change.
  • Fill out an S-5 form in order to change your name on your Social Security card. You can download the form online, have it mailed to you or pick it up at your local Social Security office. For more information, please visit
  • Take a certified copy of your marriage certificate to your local Florida Driver's License office and show them the document to have your name changed on your license. Once you pay the fee, the office will issue you a new license with your new name.
  • Show your Florida marriage certificate to a bank representative to have your name changed on all of your accounts. They will keep a record of your past names so that you won’t experience problems making deposits under your maiden name.
  • Send a copy of your Florida marriage certificate to any of your credit card companies (if applicable). They will change your name on the account and issue you new cards reflecting the change.

To learn more, download the new Florida Marriage License Packet to assist you with the Florida marriage license process, as well as offer you helpful information on popular marriage topics.